Is PAT Testing A Legal Requirement

PAT testing consists of a series of visual inspections and electrical tests to assess potential hazards. This includes checking for any damage that could lead to electrical faults such as loose connections and wear & tear.

It’s advisable to have a qualified electrician conduct a PAT test, although the law allows any competent person to do so.

PAT testing

Landlords are required to ensure all the electrical appliances provided in the rental property are safe to use and one effective way to do this is PAT testing.

PAT testing reduces the risk of electrical accidents such as electric shock and fires this is important for landlords as if you’re tenant is harmed you could be liable but carrying out a PAT test and having a proven record of this shows that you took reasonable steps to ensure the tenant’s safety.

To get a quote for PAT testing, you will asked how many units you need to be tested. Units are simply how an item that needs testing.

Items that need testing are any items which run off of the mains supply, so your kettle is plugged into a socket that therefore runs off the mains. The key thing to make sure is that the appliance is portable and runs off the mains.

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